Neighbors to the left were Jones.

The right, maybe closer to us,

Paulette, and mother Pearl Hicks.

Some cannibal of kindness,

An oyster’s prize plucked away.

devourer of minds,

Me and you and she astray,

Maybe some don’t know or feel

But I think about her, in my way.

Lost and alone, but found her way home.

sign in the yard, for sale, she sees,

but no but no but no

pleading, softly, until it speaks…

Oh hun, the past is passed,

and this time, we’re playing for keeps.

Pulling of hair, snapping of sticks

They carted her back, poor Pearl Hicks

Like blinking lights

I still see her there

See you all, still there

Hold you in my arms

Hold all of you near

my family, like families before

and families since

Cursed with nostalgia, or blessed

I’m constantly paused, transfixed.

Forever, I will see you there

Carrying us Into the ether…





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