Sullen, sallow, hollow boy,

Carved out and cut away,

Like shredded remains 

of placenta,

malformed clusters, clumps of flesh-food

Human remains fed upon by something

that devours without teeth.

Scraped away, viciously pulled.

cut into ribbons.

The womb now



Blood for life, tossed aside,

thrown in the trash.

Cells once ripe,

nourishment syphoned,

from its writhing mass,

now still, now



And yet,

a fetus, 


lives on—








to grow, to thrive,

to flee, eyes forward,

with fresh feet and strong legs,

to forget about this        

            repulsive         mass

writhing and boneless,

no more than a sack of flesh,

trembling with anxiety,

its services complete.


Twitching within the debris

ichor of life, sucked dry,

this sullen boy stirs once more,

to form soft bones,

and calloused feet,

from companion trash-things,

and buzzing masses,

likewise tossed aside, 

by a cannibal of trust,

reborn from the lifeblood,

of death after death after death.

1 thought on “(ex)it”

  1. “reborn from the lifeblood,

    of death after death after death.”

    That resonates deeply with me…death after death after death especially. Your writing is powerful, angry, visceral yet also delicate and soft in other instances. Never stop 😉

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